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It's Just Another New Year's Eve

Don't look so sad
it's not so bad you know,
it's just another night
that's all it is.

It's not the first
it's not the worst you know,
we've come through all the rest
we'll get through this.

We made mistakes
but we made good friends too,
remember all the nights
we spend with them.

And all our plans
who says they can come true?
tonight its another chance to start again...
It's just another new year's eve
another night like all the rest,
It's just another new year's eve
let's make it the best.

It's just another new year's eve
it's just another old line time,
but when we're through
this new year you'll see,
we'll be just fine.

We're not alone
we've got the world you know,
and it won't let us down
just wait and see.

And we'll grow old
but think how wise we'll grow
there's more you know
it's only new year's eve.

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